Accepting help

I’m beginning to think I don’t read enough. Not good for a writer – and especially not good for a writer struggling to survive as a freelance during what must be one of the trickiest times in recent history to set up a freelance business.

There are countless books out there about how to make a living out of writing (I wonder how many of them advise writing books about how to make a living out of writing). The law of averages alone dictates that some of them will contain good advice about generating business and sustaining it. But I have resolutely refused to read any of this advice, let alone heed it. I have been winging it furiously since I started, with varying degrees of success, but it’s true to say that overall I’ve not been generating enough business. Who do I approach? How, and how often? What do I say? How do I set myself apart from the squillion other  freelancers out there, most of whom have been in the business longer than me and thus have a more impressive body of previous work to show off?

I cannot explain this stubborn refusal to be helped. It’s not as though I’ve not had the time to read or that I don’t need the help. The more I think about this anomaly the more bizarre it seems. A psychoanalyst would probably have a field day working it all out. I expect it revolves around some seemingly insignificant event in my early childhood…

But it hardly matters why I’ve handicapped myself in this way. What does matter is that I stop doing it and start taking note of the advice of those who have made a success of this lifestyle that I desire so much.

So I’ve ordered a book called Write Copy Make Money (see why I chose it?) by Andy Maslan which is promoted with such cocksure gusto that I couldn’t resist buying it – a good sign surely. I’ll report back once I’ve read it – if I ever get round to reading it that is…

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