Pulling teeth

At last, my website is ready, after months of agonizing and prevarication.

It’s such a painful process deciding how your own website should look and figuring out the right words to put onto those pesky pages. But it’s an essential rite of passage for any copywriter who aspires to helping others do the same – unless you’ve gone through your own pain, how can you be expected to understand the pain of others?

It’s one thing knowing that you’re not seeing the wood for the trees, it’s quite another to actually see it. That’s where an objective, disinterested eye is invaluable – it’s one of the most valuable services a good copywriter provides.  As I sweated over the words on these pages I frequently wished I had someone to whom I could turn with my half-formed ideas and unstructured thoughts – someone I could trust to make sense of it all and turn it into deceptively straightforward copy. Physician heal thyself and all that…

My thanks to Justin Slack, who designed this site. His patience and creativity know no bounds – if you’re looking for someone to design a site you could do an awful lot worse.

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