Communication guidance

The problem with communication … is the illusion that it has been accomplished
George Bernard Shaw

I can bring a fresh perspective to your organisation to help improve the way you communicate with your key stakeholders.

It’s easy to get communication wrong – to say too much or not enough, to use an inappropriate tone of voice, to make false assumptions about your audience, to say one thing to one group of people and something else to another, even though you want them all to understand the same thing…

There are many ways to get communication wrong. And every time you do, you could be damaging your organisation’s reputation.

That’s where I come in. After eight years in journalism, six years of press office experience, two in PR management, eight more as a corporate internal communication manager, and six years of freelance writing, I know how to communicate.

Whether you’re a large corporate, a small business, a charity or a public sector organisation, I can help you to find your authentic voice and start using it clearly and effectively.

Find out more about the process – or just email me or give me a call on +44 (0) 7850 403993 to discuss how I might be able to help you communicate better.