This is not a website

I write for a living. Almost everything I write is for other people and, more often than not, is either for their internal use or written in their name.

This presents me with a bit of dilemma when it comes to showing off my work to potential clients. 

In the past I’ve dealt with this by sharing public work I did years ago – much of which will have very little to do with the sort of work I’m pitching for today.

I’ve also shared work I did in other people’s names, privately and with laboured caveats about not sharing it further. But prospective clients just have to take my word that I really did write this material. Not ideal.

There’s the trust issue too… If I’m confidentially sharing other people’s work, who’s to say I won’t share yours?

Also, the writing might well have been changed by clients to suit their tastes, then possibly edited again by whichever outlet it appeared on. What does that really tell anyone about my writing ability?

But you want to see if I can write so you can decide whether to hire me. What to do?

I think the best way is to share whatever I can via these pages but also to write my own articles in my own style about whatever I want and then post them on Medium so you can decide for yourself if I’m the writer for you.

All the professional information you need about me is on LinkedIn, so there’s no point reinventing that wheel either. There’s my Twitter feed too – although I’m not sure what that’ll tell you, apart from what makes me laugh or winds me up. 

I’ll reserve these pages for whatever information seems relevant to prospective clients and the occasional update but that’s all you’ll find here, so this won’t be like most copywriters’ sites.

It’s not really a website at all, when you think about it.