Cycling-related musings

MT Pyrenees
Horsing around during the 2015 Raid Pyrenean

For years I wrote a blog on, a website dedicated to road cycling. It started when I was training for a Land’s End to John O’Groats ride in 2010 – the idea was to group together words and photos for sponsors, friends and fellow cyclists. But it carried on for six years after that amazing end-to-end ride.

The post that generated the most interest was probably Roon’s Raid. This was an account of a ride I did called the Raid Pyrenean, which follows a rather hilly 730km route from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean over the Pyrenees. One of my fellow riders was an 18-stone policeman called Dave Rooney (the eponymous Roon), who’d had a bit of a health scare that he was trying to address by joining his son for this cycling challenge. Suffice to say it didn’t quite go according to plan…

Also on the cycling front, I helped a friend to launch a small independent cycling magazine called Simpson, which I edited for a few years.

One of the central ideas behind Simpson was to remain focused on print. My fellow Simpsonite and I both grew up in an analogue age, both worked for print newspapers and magazines in the 80s and 90s, and both shared a preference for the physical printed object over its digital counterpart.

Sadly, this means there are no online articles to point you towards. But I’ll add a PDF or two to these pages as soon as I’ve figured out how to.

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