Chutzpah in lockdown

I expected work to decline during lockdown. I expected to be writing less for others and more for myself. I’m not sure if I ever thought I’d learn a new skill or transform my house and garden (that’s not really my sort of thing) but I was fairly confident that it would be difficult period, professionally and personally.

I was wrong though. Of course the pandemic has been scary and of course many of my clients decided to pause their activities while they figured out what the world had in store for them next.

But one of them didn’t do that. One of them – the Good Governance Institute – decided to move in the opposite direction. It began a series of daily bulletin updates offering advice to boards, primarily in the health and social care sectors, as they navigated through these difficult, uncharted waters.

Beginning this daily bulletin series was a brave move; deciding to keep it going for 100 working days was remarkable. GGI is not a big company so producing a 750-1000-word article containing meaningful insights and guidance every single day was no small undertaking. But we did it – and judging by the feedback it generated, we did it pretty well too.

The series ended yesterday (13 August) with a typically thoughtful final post about the power we all have to bring about change – even in the context of an event as cataclysmic as a global pandemic.

Only time will tell how big an impact the series will have on GGI’s business but it’s already clear that it has broadened the company’s sphere of influence.

As well as being a great advertisement for the potential of thought leadership to shape perceptions, it’s also a brilliant case study in corporate chutzpah during difficult times. More power to GGI’s elbow.

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