About Me

I am a versatile business writer and journalist with more than three decades of experience creating a huge variety of content.

I started out as a local newspaper journalist, then moved into corporate communications roles for 16 years before becoming a freelance writer.

Most of my work has involved writing and editing news and feature articles, corporate messages, press releases, web copy, marketing communications material, white papers, award submissions etc.

I can adapt my writing style to suit a wide range of audiences across multiple channels. I’ve made a point of avoiding specialising in any particular topics, which you could argue was a questionable move I suppose, as it’s undoubtedly easier to find work as a specialist.

But the thing I always enjoyed most about being a journalist was the challenge of getting to grips with new topics every day so I could write about them in a way that was clear and compelling enough to make people want to read on.

That challenge still stimulates and motivates me. It’s still the thing I enjoy the most about my job. It keeps me – and hopefully my writing – fresh.

By the way, that brilliant cartoon of me was done by my very talented son Oskar, more of whose work you can see on his Instagram feed.